Wednesday, 2 April 2008

An afternoon off


Sue said...

It's amazing to think that Bingley is coming up to one year old! What are the most memorable moments during the year for you with Bing that spring to mind? He is such a handsome dog. Jane, I love all your pictures of that wonderful countryside.

Anonymous said...

such an amazing dog.... the piccies are so brilliant. so when does the house move take place, from some of your last comments, you will be moving home soon.. Keep up the good work and piccies

Rob said...

Sue, the notion that Bingley is approaching his first birthday is something that we've been surprised about as well. It's hard to believe that he's nearly a year old - especially given the way he's been behaving recently. Suffice to say that Bing's definitely still a puppy!

But memorable moments? There are lots of his birthday post will reveal!

Unfortunately though, those moments won't include a move to a new house on the coast. Not for the time being at least. Things have gone pear shaped as far as the move is concerned and we'll be staying put for a while longer. Which isn't all bad news: we each have our own space here, and when Bing gets bad we can shut him in his dog house until he calms down.

Seaside adventures are still on the agenda though and we're determined to get Bing to the beach very soon. But meanwhile walks along the Tyne are still a source of great pleasure for all of us.