Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Bingley on the mend

A very big thank you to everyone who’s been asking about Bingley. When he returned home from his last visit to the vet he seemed to be in a very sorry state and he stayed strangely quiet for…well, at least a day!

But pups bounce back, apparently; and Jane and I seem to have been more affected by all this than Bing himself.

The medication has made a huge difference and although the signs of itchiness are still there, he has at least stopped rubbing his head. Even better, the perplexing lumps on his muzzle have disappeared. We should have been visiting the vet again on Tuesday in order to have his stitches removed and to collect the results of his biopsy, but we had to reschedule his appointment for later in the week. As it turns out that isn’t a problem though because stitches are best left in for longer than a week if possible.

Yesterday however, Rachel, his vet, phoned with the results of the biopsy anyway. I must admit that I got a bit of a shock when she said that she was calling with the results and for a moment feared the worst, but thankfully she was simply being conscientious and there’s nothing worrying about the biopsy report: the swellings were just the consequence of an infection which he’d picked up, probably by pushing his muzzle into places where muzzles shouldn’t be pushed.

I’ve often wondered about that: when he’s off-lead Bing doesn’t usually go that far away, and his recall is pretty good. Unless he’s been distracted by fresh horse manure, that is – he then goes completely deaf and quickly consumes as much as he can before one of us can get to him to pull him away. We’re going to have to work on that one. But besides that he does like to explore and he’s always shoving his head into the most unappealing places. We’re going to have to work on that one too.

Meanwhile though, thanks to a good vet practice, Bingley is on the mend. Of course the allergy issue is still there, and it may take a while to figure out just what might be causing the itchiness. But at least we now feel more optimistic about getting to the bottom of this eventually.

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