Sunday, 10 August 2008

Frozen peas

Jane's on holiday at the moment, but when I went downstairs on the morning of her first day off I didn't find her sipping a relaxing cup of coffee. Instead she was clutching a small bag of frozen peas to the side of her head! This isn't something I've seen before so I had to ask her what was going on. I've had a bit of an accident, she told me; but a bit of an accident turned out to be a bit of an understatement as she revealed the golf ball sized lump above her left eye. I immediately looked at Bingley who looked back at me with a ‘don't look at me’ look; but he couldn't hide the truth.

Jane had taken him out for an early morning walk along the river, and thinking that no one else would be around had let him off lead. What she hadn't counted on was an early morning jogger, though why someone would want to go out jogging at 6am is beyond me. Innocent jogger comes jogging along and Bingley immediately recognises a kindred spirit in need of warm and enthusiastic greeting. I don't think that the jogger had counted on meeting 38 kilos of canine love and in the process of trying to separate dog and jogger, Bing's head thwacked into Jane's with a resounding bang and with force enough to make her see stars.

I'd say that Jane's accident was a one off if it wasn't for the fact that Bingley had given me a thick lip a couple of days earlier. On that occasion I'd sleepily stumbled downstairs first thing in the morning to be greeted by an energetic Bing who wanted to gimme five. Sadly he misjudged that one and gave me a left hook to my chops instead!

The frozen peas helped the swelling go down but didn’t stop Jane from getting a very impressive black eye, and along with my thick lip it looks like we’ve been fighting. No one would believe that we’ve both been beaten up by a pugilistic pooch.

It’s too late for him to qualify for the Olympics but I’m thinking of buying him some boxing gloves anyway. Actually Jane and I don’t like boxing, so we’re going to channel his boundless energy into athletics instead. I reckon we should be ready for London by 2012!


Anonymous said...

How is Jane's shiner today? Hope you are both feeling a bit better after your 'encounters' with a boisterous Bing!
I too had a pooch encounter on Saturday - with a Border Collie not much younger than Bingley - however I was lucky enough to escape with just the taste of wet dog nose in my mouth (yeuchhh!)as Monty did a brilliant imitation of Tigger!! V. Bouncy!
Take care - Alex.

Rob said...

Hi Alex!

Jane's shiner went through some lovely shades of blue and purple but is now starting to fade away and I count myself lucky that I only got a thick lip.

The taste of wet dog nose takes some getting used too! We’ve both been given some very affectionate licks across the chops on more than one occasion: which sure beats a head butt and a left hook - something you don’t often get from cats!

And yes, these dogs can’t half bounce. It’s as though they’ve got trampoline paws!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

I think I may have to disagree - cats are actually quite efficient at the head butt although it doesn't really hurt, unlike their left or right hooks which often come with claws extended especially when you haven't been watching the 'angry' tail flicks closely enough!
They don't bounce quite like dogs so you don't have to watch out for a small dry nose in your mouth but the tail up/bum in the face move can be quite a suprise when you are still half asleep!!! Or even wide-awake.

Take care

Rob said...

Good point, Alex! It's been so long since I encountered a feline left hook that I'd forgotten about those sharp claws: it makes a Bingley swipe seem quite harmless. And considering the bum in the face tactic I think that I'll definitely stick with a canine lick across the mouth!

Anonymous said...

Hi decided to have a look at Bingley's Blog - love the photos. Let me know your email address Rob and I'll post you some photos of the "girls".

Rob said...

Hi Janet, I'm so glad you liked the photos.

Black eyes, thick lips: Bingley's a delight, but now you can understand why I often looked so distracted!

And yes please, I'd love to see photos of Miran, Gypsy & Lace!