Friday, 14 August 2009

Backseat drivers

It’s taken patience, perseverance, and a lot of cheese, but at last we’ve been rewarded for all of our efforts with a trip to the beach!

Yes, that’s right: at last we’ve made some headway with Bingley and the Bingmobile, although it’s required a compromise of sorts. For the time being he’s going to be staying on the back seat with Jane where, once he’s finally climbed in, he seems to be content to lie across her lap, keeping very still and watching the world go by.

More than that, unlike some backseat drivers I know, he keeps very quiet! The short journeys, of course, weren’t a problem in that regard; but even on our slightly longer trip to the beach he only whimpered ‘are we there yet?’ once, and that was as we were reaching the coast.

Of course we bought an estate car so that we’d have a boot big enough to hold a Bingley. But that’s okay, we now have oodles of room for all our picnic stuff! And in time I’m sure that Bingley will be confident enough to reclaim that space for himself.

Meanwhile, we're just happy to have the Bing back in the Bingmobile again!

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