Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sleeping B'zzz


Anonymous said...

How absolutley adorable! He does like to stretch out and get comfy, doesn't he? I love the toothy smile in photo number six, wonder what he is dreaming about? Seeing this has made me all sleepy now ....
Tracey x

Rob said...

Thanks, Tracey. I reckon he’s dreaming about something cheesy in number 6!

Of course, looking at these photos it's hard to imagine that he's the same dog who pulled me over in the snow yesterday, embarrassed us in front of our friends on Christmas Day, and created havoc in the vet's waiting room on our last visit. And that’s mentioning only a few of the Bing encounters from the past week!

But I’m not going to worry about what happens next, when I see him like this I’m just happy to let sleeping dogs lie!