Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bingley the Brave

Bingley is six months old today!

Not quite old enough to have candles on his cake but it was worth a mini celebration anyway. In fact that's not the only cause for celebration: yesterday was Bing's first bonfire night and he handled it with great poise and serenity.....thankfully! After the recent bouts of timidity on his walks we weren't sure how he'd cope with several hours of intense noise. But after a large meal eaten a bit earlier than normal, he settled down on the rug in front of our coal fire and dozed all evening. He even went out into the backyard for a couple of toilet stops during the evening, but he didn't hang around for his usual snail foray.

So six months old, 24 kilos and a brave little lad. Let's hope that the next six months go just as smoothly, though not quite as quickly!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Bingley is 6mths old, how time flies. Love the pics of him, they are great.

Rob said...

Yes, it's hard to believe how quickly time has passed and how fast Bingley is growing. We've really been enjoying every minute - even when he's naughty! He's got a way to go yet though and it's lovely being able to share it.