Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Mad about the ball

I bought a football today! Nothing new there, you might say; but it's the first football I've ever bought. We're not big on soccer in our house, though I did once watch a game on television. I don't remember who they were playing, but I don't think that England won. I even got roped into playing Five a Side when I was a student: boy oh boy, the other players really must have been desperate!

Cycling is my sport of choice. However, it doesn't combine well with dogs: I know from personal experience that dogs like nothing better than to chase and bark at cyclists. And unless we end up joining a circus there's no way we're going to get Bing on a bike.

Bingley's a proper lad, and I've already seen him looking longingly at the Sunday League players as they warm up for their weekend game whilst we're returning from our Sunday morning adventures. He'd love to join in, and if he had his way he'd be out there playing soccer every day.

When we found our first football in the corner of Bingley's Field, he just sniffed it and walked away. But when I gently kicked it and it rolled along, it was an instant infatuation and Bing has longed for a football of his own ever since. So, when I spotted some footballs going cheaply at one of the local sports shops I thought that I'd give him a treat.

It turned out to be the best £3 I've ever spent!

As you can imagine, the ball didn't last long once Bing got his jaws round it; and it eventually popped like a balloon. But for half an hour it was some of the best fun I've had in weeks. Bingley's a natural, and I reckon that he could be a pro if he trains regularly. I'm going back into Town tomorrow to stock up on footballs. And if the Premier League ever starts recruiting dogs I think that I could become a football fan after all.

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