Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday saunter


Anonymous said...

That's a very snazzy collar the Bingster is wearing! The only drawback is that the combination of chocolate (lab) and orange puts me in mind of a certain spherical consumable object that goes straight to my hips!!

Jane said...

. . . oh yes, I have exactly the same problem - but it doesn't usually stop me as that certain spherical consumable is just irresistible!

Sue said...

Jane, is Bing drinking out of Rob's hat?!! If it's not his hat then it is a very snazzy water carrier. Where did you manage to find it? I think Bonnie would prefer that to her current mobile drink cannister!

Rob said...

I wish I did have a hat like that!

But no, that's Bingley's portable water bowl, given to him months ago by his very good friend Alex. We've tried using it a few quite a few times, but early on Bing really did think that it was a hat and wanted to pick it up and run away.

These days he's little bit older and a little bit wiser (...just a very little bit), and now at least he drinks most of the water before he tries running away with his bowl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Bingley's bowl was purchased at Fat Face but I've googled foldable dog bowls on the Interweb and there seem to be quite a few choices out there!
I'm glad Bingley finds it just as fun as a toy as well as a bowl but then I'm not the one chasing after him to retrieve it - or the one that has to wash it out when back at home!! Alex

Jane said...

Thanks for this info Alex. Now that Bingley has started to actually drink from his, we just wouldn't be without it. And it's going to be even more indispensable in the summer, when we have those long, hot, thirsty walks along the coast!

Hey Sue, I’m sure that Bonnie would definitely appreciate one of these as long as you have the energy and speed to chase after her when she decides to run off with it! :-)