Friday, 22 May 2009

Who ate all the cake?

Bingley is 2 years old today! Something which might come as much of a surprise to you as it did to us. It seems that dogs, just like children, have an ability to make time visible; and it certainly doesn’t feel like two years since he first turned up.

But his birthday is always welcome because it gives us an excuse to bring out his favourite cake!


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to the Bingster! Cannot believe I forgot - definitely going in my birthday book!! Alex

Rob said...

Thanks, Alex!

I can easily understand how you missed Bingley’s birthday: being a bad dog dad I nearly forgot it myself! But fortunately Jane’s a walking birthday book and she reminded me in time. I do have to say though that if the next year is anything like the last one, then Bingley’s birthday cake will be out again before you know it – so start getting ready!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because it has been a long day but does the bone on Bingley's cake match his fur exactly? Maybe I need to get out more?

Anonymous said...

The fur thing - sorry that was me -

Rob said...

Alex, Bing's a hip dog and colour coordination comes natch!

I've just returned from a 2 hour ramble with the hound. Got to say, getting out hasn't helped me!

'The fur thing' - I'm going to use that!