Saturday, 15 September 2007

Bingley's field


Anonymous said...

Bingley's field is quite deserving of him. It looks a fantastic field and must have delicious smells for a beautiful brown labrador, not to mention wonderful seasonal photographic opportunities for Jane.Wonderful weather too.Lucky all three of you.

Jane said...

. . . thanks for this. You’re quite right, the field is lovely and we are glad that we have such a large green area close by. Bingley really is a snuffle-hound and loves diving into all those long grasses along the edge of the field - sometimes he almost disappears from view! We're usually out first thing in the morning and manage to catch those early sunbeams; the birdsong is glorious at this time of year as well. Not that Bingley seems to be aware of any of this, he's just glad to be 'out there' - but it makes the morning walks even more enjoyable for us!