Saturday, 1 September 2007

Tummy troubles

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week, probably a lack-of-summer bug; but now Bingley seems to have been affected as well. His energy levels seem ok, as does his interest in sniffing out the most obscure corner of wherever he seems to be. But his toilet has definitely gone a bit wonky! I'll spare you the details; personally I have no problems with discussing this and I'm sure that many of you know how poo can be a useful indicator of your dog's well-being: but I'll get told off if I continue!

Apart from that issue, Bing seems to be just fine. He ate all his lunch today, and then licked his bowl clean. We played outside for half an hour and I can assure you that his energy levels haven't been affected! He did have a scary moment though: exploring behind some of the plant pots by the gate, he suddenly gave a terrified yelp and reversed out at full speed! I've no idea if he just spooked himself or whether he encountered a particularly belligerent bumble bee. There are bees bumbling around the agapanthus, but I couldn't see any sign of him having been stung; though that's likely just a matter of time - he's always chasing anything that flies close to ground level. I should also mention that he's acquired a taste for spiders and he'll often reappear from a plant pot foray with a muzzle covered in cobwebs and licking his lips.

Given that everything he finds goes into his mouth, it isn't surprising that he's ended up with an upset tummy; and now that I've memorised the names of all the plants which he shouldn't eat, I have to become an entomologist as well! So don’t for a moment think that living with Bingley is only about beautiful eyes, lovely coat, handsome face, big paws, gorgeous fluffy ears……

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