Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dog breath

The average adult dog has 44 teeth, but I'm not sure how many a puppy starts off with. However, the way Bing's going there can't be many of his original teeth left - he's lost two today alone. I found a little pre-molar this lunchtime, once again on the lounge rug. And just a short while ago I spent half an hour watching him trying to mouth out yet another tooth (rhythmically moving his jaws around and licking his teeth, all the while making a sound like a little wonky water pump). I eventually made him sit front of me whilst I opened his mouth and had a look: and out popped another little fang! His jaws really are filling up with new teeth very quickly, but there are still plenty of empty gaps which haven't yet been occupied and there is, quite frankly, a bit of a dog breath smell at the moment!

That will pass of course, and it doesn't stop us from leaving the baby gate open most of the time so that BIngley can come and join us whenever he wants. Which is always. In fact he'll follow us from room to room, and even when we've left him fast asleep he'll sense that we've snuck away and come and find us - usually only to fall asleep again as close as possible to the nearest pair of legs. Or underneath the kitchen table.

Smelly or not, he’s adorable when he’s like this!

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