Monday, 9 July 2007

Puppy Love

{photo: Julie & Brian}

As I've mentioned, we have to wait until Bingley's 8 weeks old before we can introduce him to his new home. But we have been round to meet him, and here's Bing at approx 3 weeks; he's still got blue eyes, but he's definitely looking less like a hamster now!

Julie & Brian invited us round to have a look at all nine pups, and I think to check that we still wanted Bingley once we'd met him. As if that was ever going to be an issue! It was love at first sight, and we'd have happily brought home as many of the pups as we could carry. But it's Bingley who we've chosen and now we just can't wait until he's here.

Brian and Julie have been marvellous, and we feel very fortunate to have met them. They've given the pups a very thorough and warm introduction to the world, and they're going to be a tough act to follow. We're hoping that Bing doesn't miss them too much, or Coco and all his brothers and sisters. Apparently it's not unusual for them to cry for the first few days (I know that I would!), but we've still got a few days to get everything in place and to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. So now on with the shopping: dog basket, bowls, chewy things....


Anonymous said...

We love Bingley and his Blog! It's delightful to see his development and we can't wait for the next photos of him in the park, chasing ducks and burying bones.

The Bingley Babes

Rob said...

Hiya Bingley Babes!

Really pleased to hear that you love Bingley and that you're also enjoying the blog.

I can't wait for the park photos either, and as soon as he's had his second set of inoculations we'll be out there! Burying bones will definitely be on the agenda - he loves digging; but the ducks might be a problem - at the moment they'd only have to quack once and I reckon he'd run a mile. I've just had to go and sit with him whilst the bin-men call; he really seems to like the smell (!!) but all that noise makes him hide behind my legs!