Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sticks & leaves

Well, Bingley has been with us for a week now and he truly feels part of the family. As we get to know him we're able to identify more of his personality and individual characteristics. Increasingly apparent is his inquisitiveness & rugged determination to get what he's after (as well as what he wants - we're going to have to keep a check on that one!). I've just watched him spend ages trying to squeeze between and behind a group of plants pots, struggling to reach something. He's now worked out that he can push the smaller pots along with his head, and that's entertaining in itself; but to see him fighting so hard to get to something was puzzling. My first thought was that the snails were back! But when I went over to check, it wasn't snails after all: it was a dried leaf. We see shapes in clouds, maybe Bing does the same with dried leaves? I can't imagine what he thought it was, but he made short work of it once he'd finally dragged it out. Maybe it's the rustling-crunchiness of dried leaves - they must just feel nice to chomp. So, that's snails and dried leaves that don't stand a chance against Bingley; goodness knows what he's going to make of the front garden once we let him out there.

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