Monday, 23 July 2007

A dog's best friend

A man's best friend is his dog. I've never fully understood that; but my relationship with Bingley was put to the test today when, after leaving the bench for a few moments, I returned to find the cover of my new Harry Potter neatly embossed with little teeth marks! They're very sweet actually, running down from the top right corner to just above Hermione's head - at least I think that it's Hermione, the artwork is so awful that I can't be certain who that girl's meant to be. Anyway, Bing was forgiven and won't be evicted just yet. But if a man's best friend is his dog then Bingley's best friend (after Jane) are my slippers! And I'm not surprised, they're nice slippers: funky Merrell's given to me by Jane on my birthday. I've vowed that they won't be chewed (!) - but they are constantly sniffed, licked, and slept on. If I happen to be around whenever B gets sleepy, he curls up by my feet and puts his head on one my slippers and goes to sleep. Or at least he tries to go to sleep: Bingley's chin is very soft and my slippers are made of felt, so a kind of Teflon effect takes place. His head goes down, his eyes shut; but as soon as he relaxes, his chin slowly slides down to my toes - and then thumps onto the ground. Not put off, he tries again. And again. This evening he went around all the compass points of my feet trying to find a secure spot, and it was only when I helped him out by resting my toes on one of his chewy toys that he was able to utter a satisfied whimper and go to sleep. I've got a feeling that Bingley might become my best friend after all.

Oh, and he likes Jane's slippers as well!

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