Thursday, 23 August 2007

Dog tag

We can start taking Bingley out for walks this weekend, and as you all know we can hardly wait! Following the 5 minutes a month recommendation (that's 5 minutes walking for every month of Bingley's age) the walks will take up only 15 minutes a day, so we won't be able to go that far at first; but it's still going to be a big adventure for all of us. With these outings in mind we've bought Bingley his first dog tag - bone-shaped of course! So now if the worst happens and he gets himself lost, he only has to look at the address to remind himself of where he belongs. Actually there's little chance of us losing him, the metal tag constantly rings against the metal clasp of his collar so we always know where he is: he now tinkles around like a little mountain goat!

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