Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Double trouble

The number of toys in Bingley's toy box has doubled over the past few weeks, mainly thanks to gifts from friends and family. And it's just as well that he has this choice because his energy levels have also more than doubled, and his need for sleep seems to have halved. Until we can finally start taking him out for walks next weekend it's a relief that he can keep himself entertained and occupied with all these goodies, and we're immensely grateful for all his gifts. His two favourite toys are his Wubba and his Little Weed! As it happens, they're also our favourite toys as well; but that's mainly because they're such a dependable source of distraction - we'd be lost without them. And so would Bing, in fact he's rarely without one or the other and recently he's started carrying both of them around. He seems to have entered yet another entertaining stage of development, and interacting with two toys at once has become the norm over the past few days: he'll go around and collect two sets of toys from his stash and then carry them both outside or to his basket. Twice as interesting and double the fun.

But despite all the marvelous gifts, he still returns to those old reliables: plastic plant pots which are always in need of a good crimp, bits of old wood which are very crunchy but don't splinter, and that lovely piece of old boat. Not to mention plastic bottles. I really do admire his humble taste!

Of course he's twice the size now as well. But double the size is double the trouble and we're both having to keep our eyes on him all the time, especially as he's now learning to look upwards! However, even though those rose petals might prove to be irresistible, it’s difficult not to forgive him when he gives us one of those looks.

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