Thursday, 2 August 2007

Shadows & light

Until Bingley has his second set of inoculations we're keeping him in a kind of luxurious quarantine: mainly his dog house, the back yard and occasional forays into the kitchen. Those kitchen visits really make him giddy; he knows something special is taking place and he dashes around exploring all the new corners and all the new smells. But the one thing that stops him in his tracks is catching sight of his own reflection in the glass door of the oven. He'll stand and look. Then bark and get barked back (something which really foxes him!). Eventually he'll try to sniff this impostor - leaving wet nose prints along the bottom of the door and creating yet more housework for me in the process. And before anyone complains: no puppies were injured in the making of this post; the kitchen is a no-go area whilst we're cooking!

Tracking down this other Bingley also occupies some of his back-yard time as well. Because most of his toilet takes place out there, we're regularly pouring buckets of water over the used areas. This always attracts his attention not only because he likes getting his paws wet, but also because he gets glimpses of that other dog!

Actually it's not just reflections that intrigue him, shadows are a bit of a puzzle as well; and it's difficult not to tease him a bit with this one - these days we get a bit giddy ourselves in those brief spells of sunshine!

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