Sunday, 5 August 2007

Lion Paw

One of my favourite albums is a terrific reggae compilation called Lion Paw (a collection built around versions of Little Roy's classic song 'Tribal War'). But every time I see the title I always think of Bingley!

His paws really do seem to be as enormous and assertive as a lion's! He uses them with great dexterity as well, adjusting his latest bit of chompable with consummate ease. We've been making sure that he becomes used to us handling them, along with his ears and eyes both of which need regular cleaning, and it hasn't been at all difficult: his paws really are so beautiful, and surprisingly soft as well.

He's growing before our eyes and seems to change shape daily: some days he seems so lanky, at other times he's just a little chubby pup. Of course 'chubby pup' appears just after he's eaten - his tummy swells to an impressive girth and lends a distinctive swing to his gait.

His coat is changing too: the soft russet brown is starting to disappear beneath a darker, coarser fur. At the moment the two-tone effect is striking, and over the past week we've watched the dark upper coat which has been emerging on his flanks, extend upwards and gradually start to meet across his back.

But his head and ears are still velvet soft and impossible not to stroke!

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