Monday, 28 January 2008

Bing bling

We recently bought Bingley a new Red Dingo collar and lead set from the wonderful shop Kyruba, but it was only yesterday that we had the first real chance to get Bing to model them.

He’s a dishy dog for sure, but certainly not a natural when it comes to modelling. Oddly enough I don’t think that he cares what he’s wearing, and yesterday he was certainly more interested in discovering what temptations might be waiting for him in those bushes behind the photographer.

By this stage of course, he’s beginning to realise that off-lead time is his time; so why on earth should he sit still just to have his picture taken?

But despite the gusts of wind blowing us all to one side, we managed to get some photos. Bingley might not be bothered about which collar we use, but I think that this orange really suits him. We almost chose a purple version, but then thought that it might look a bit too regal and end up giving him an even bigger ego! We also wanted to get him the flower or heart name tags: lovely, but a bit girly perhaps? However, since he isn’t that bothered himself we might go for those next time.

And there will be a next time, I’m sure. We’re already building up quite a collection of leads and collars…well, three leads and two collars (ignoring the ones he’s grown out of). I bought him a terrific slip lead a while ago, but then realised that until Bugsy McTugsy stops trying to lead the way using it was a bit uncomfortable for him.

Bugsy is beginning to behave himself actually, and for significant parts of most walks he now heels very nicely. It’s not locked down tight yet, and if he loses concentration or gets distracted I still find myself being tugged along. But a firm ‘steady’, brings him back to heel…usually.

Unfortunately though, he’s still inclined to do a convincing impersonation of a boxing kangaroo whenever we meet anyone; and recently he’s even started adding sound affects. This jumping up is the only major training issue left unresolved: sit -stay / leave / give, etc are all shaping up nicely. But please don’t jump up at this innocent person who’s approaching us doesn’t have any effect.

Still, I’m working on it and I’m sure that we’ll get there eventually.

Until then whenever he’s wearing his Red Dingo collar and lead, I have a head-turning dog walking politely to heel…for most of the time and as long as there’s no-one else around.

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