Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sunday in the rain


Anonymous said...


What a pretty pooch! me oh my what a shiny coat and face he has! I love his collar too!


Rob said...

Thanks Pete,
I've got to admit that we think Bingley's very handsome, and yes this is one of our favourite collars as well (it's one which Jane bought on her last visit to North Wales). But if you think that this one is nice just wait until you see his new set...!

Anonymous said...

This dog is just brilliant. Cant wait to see the next set of piccies of him. Love to see what other little goodies you seem to slot into this blog as well....... still think you should change your job (whatever it is) and take up writing.

Rob said...

Thanks for the feedback; it’s good to know that you enjoy reading the blog.

The photos are almost always taken by Jane, who manages to capture Bingley's character every time.

This week I've been having some terrific lunchtime walks with Bing, but because these walks have also involved some very focused training (i.e. we're both having to concentrate!) I haven't taken the camera with me. Which is a shame because there have been some lovely moments: the past couple of days have been very windy, and watching Bingley trying to chase and catch leaves as they gust across the field is great fun - though an absolute distraction when really all I want is a sit-stay! Then when I do get him to sit still, the wind has been flapping his ears around so much that I can't stop laughing - he looks like Biggles going at full speed, eyes scrunched up to match.

So much for the training! I think that I might as well start taking the camera with me anyway.