Friday, 25 January 2008

Where did our puppy go?

Bingley is now 8 months old and rapidly heading towards the 40 kilo mark, with little indication that he’s going to stop there! Not that he’s overweight; there isn’t an ounce of fat on him (just to mix my units of measurement!). But we really are starting to get an idea of just how big he’s going to be: I reckon he’s got another 10k in him.

However, the puppy is still there: often in the way he looks at us, regularly in the way he sits (back legs sticking out to one side, looking very ungainly), and always in the way he behaves.

But browsing through the early files in our Bingley photo archive came as something of a shock. Just where did that little puppy go? All this growing seems to have happened far too quickly and looking at some of the early photos we can hardly believe what we’re seeing.

Though it’s tempting, I’ll avoid getting too elegiac; but what wouldn’t I give to go back and have even just half an hour more with little Bing.

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